CamoTruck.Net: Development

CamoTruck.Net is devoted to working with Open-Source software. The following are some of the projects where CamoTruck.Net has contributed some development.

phpBB2 + Gallery2 Integration
CamoTruck.Net uses the phpBB2 and the Gallery2 software. The web site is devoted to the integration of various products with the Gallery software. CamoTruck.Net has assisted in the integration of phpBB2 and Gallery2 by adding the code for propagation of new users, passwords changes and user deletions from phpBB2 to Gallery2. These changes are now integrated with the code available from

GIMP: CamoTruck.Net Filter
CamoTruck.Net has produced a GIMP plug-in which allows the users to select a region of an image, preferably a truck, and make it camouflage. Check out this link for examples and this link for download information.

Gallery2 Puzzle Module
The Gallery2 software was developed with the provision for adding features to the product through module development. To add a little fun to the images, CamoTruck.Net has produced a Gallery module which integrates a puzzle applet written by Tyler Atkins. This allows all the images from the albums to be turned into a Slide or a Swap puzzle by selecting the "Puzzle" link in the sidebar. Click here for an example.

For instructions about using this module,
visit the puzzle module documentation at
Gallery 2.1
Version   Download
current 0.9.2
Gallery 2.1 Thanks to azn_oohwee
Version   Download
current 2.1.0 puzzle-2.1.0.tar.gz