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Painting 1

Painting 1

A friend from work said he was going to take a Bob Ross painting class at a local art supply store. He asked if I was interested. I had never painted before. All of my art work is in pencil. I like black, white and the thousands of shades in between. With a pencil, I can control every dot. Painting, however, there are way too many colors... millions and millions of them. The paint brush is huge... plop, plop, drip, drip.

The class is taught well. If you follow the instructions, it will turn out well. In the middle of the class, I started feeling sick. I thought it was just the paint smell. It ended up being a virus. So, I now have a bad feeling associated with the smell of paint. I may not paint again for a while.

I thought this would be a good Mother's day gift. I let it dry for a couple of weeks, but it was still wet. Since, I could not easily take it to a store to have custom frame built, I decided to build a frame from some scrap wood.

Here it is:

Painting 1