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My first cat, Kitty
I am not very creative with names
September, 2004

My neighbors were out in the city one day and hear a strange sound as they came back to their vehicle. They drove away to their next stop. They did some shopping. Came back to their vehicle and heard the sound again. When they came home, they realized what the sound was. When they looked under the vehicle, out popped a kitten. They already had three dogs. So the cat hung out in the neighborhood for a couple of weeks.

Many times over those two weeks I would come home and find the cat on my porch. She would roll over on her back with all four paws up in the air. The thing that impressed me was that you could pick the cat up and lay her on her back in your arms. I figured a cat this mild mannered deserved a home. So, the cat won. I was finally adopted by the cat.

September 18, 2013

Last week, I noticed that Kitty was fat. He tummy felt like it had a solid growth inside. Her red blood cell count was down too. A few days later, the red blood cell count was even lower and the mass was bigger, bigger than a softball.

She was going down hill. This was a very odd mass. However, we decided to see if there was anything that could be done to remove it. It was either that or let her slowly die over the next week or two. My principle goal was to not let her suffer.

The mass was even stranger than expected. It had characteristics of a tumor and a hematoma. Kitty, did not last but a hour after the surgery.