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Disclaimer:The following are my notes. As I am learning electronics, I am making my notes available. I hope they will be of benefit. However, I do not guarantee the accuracy of my work. I recommend the reader exercise critical thinking.

Here is my electronics page. In Jan 2008, I started working with circuits. This set of pages documents some of my work.

My To-Do List
  • Make a second version of the PIC Switch device using PIC32 chips.
    Status: Concept stage.
    • I now have a method to program the PIC32 chip using the PIC Kit 3.
    • Need to learn how to solder a SMD.
  • Finish the AC inverter for my truck.
    Status: Prototype is done!
    • Make PCB.
    • Determine optimal inductor design.
    • Explore dsPIC
  • Make a new device to control the startup sequence for my truck.
    Status: Prototype is done ... but it is overly complex.
    • Need to revise design.
  • Do something with RF and PIC.
    Status: Concept.
    • I need special inductor and capacitors for something called a Balun.
    • Need antenna.
    • Need level shifting chip for 3.3v to 5v for SPI Bus.
  • Make a new function generator allowing the user to select the voltage level and amplitude.
    Status: Initial schematic is almost done.
    • Thinking about a method to draw the wave form using LCD graphics.
  • Solar tracking system
    Status: Prototype and web page are done.
    • Trying to decide where to go from here.
  • Solar Charging for my truck.
    Status: Concept.
    • Explore solar tracking systems: Done.
    • Explore power conversion: Done.
    • Measure energy usage for my truck: Hmmm... new project.
  • Energy meter to measure how much power I use when driving my truck.
    Status: Concept.
    • Learn how to measure and record volts, amps and watts in real-time.
    • Learn about shunts and current sensing inductors.
  • Redo the thermostat for entertainment center.
    Status: Concept.
    • This was my first electronics project. I now know of many, many ways to improve on the design.
  • Make a home-made power controller for my truck.
  • Make an AM radio that can tune more than one station.
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